We laugh at your misfortune

Walk of Shame – The Greek Circle

I’d like to take this time to personally salute another mistress of morning mayham.


Ok so this frathouse I stayed the night at is in a coldisac area with like 4 others.  So when you leave you walk past all of the other houses… Yeah, you can see where this is going.

So I am leaving one morning, while trying to fix the hair and avoid eye contact with anyone as I walk through Greek circle.

In the morning the guys sit out on the balconies and drink and chat (picture animal house). So I am trying to walk as quickly as possible, when it happens.  I trip over my own flip flop (don’t ask) and fall face first to the ground. Crap! I hear the laughter. So I stand up and try and shake it off. I look down at my now bleeding knees and that’s when I see it. I BROKE MY FLIP FLOP! Fuuuuuck. So I pick it up and hobble, bleeding knees and all, back to my dorm.


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