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Walk of Shame – The Lingerie Stumble


One morning I woke up at the frat house ready to leave, when I realized that all I had on was lingerie (the night before it had been a lingerie party).  Shiiiiiit!  I couldn’t walk home in that.  Mind you I walked to the frat house wearing that (but it was dark and I was drunk) so that doesn’t count. So I wake up the guy I had stayed with and asked him if I could borrow clothes.  He throws me a pair of sweats. So I put them on and head out the door.

As I am walking out I look at what I am wearing and realize that his Greek letters are written across the sweatshirt and down the side of the pants…Really?  Hmmm, I wonder where I stayed the night last night?  So I try to cover the letters and run back to my dorm as fast as possible.

Well, I get back to the dorm and realize I have no keys to get in.  Stupid I know, but come on where was I going to put the keys?  All I had on was lingerie.  Thankfully our dorm was on the 1st floor.  So I run to the side of the building, climb through the bushes (in my heels and fraternity sweats).  Then I start to pound on my roommates window to let me in, and pound, and pound.

I proceed to wake up 3 other people who yell out the window at me, before I finally wake up the roomie.

Note to self: next time, find a place to stick my keys!


High heels + sweat pants = standing ovation


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