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Regretful Submission – The latina who needed hygiene’a

Name: TenX

Age (at the time): Early 20’s

Profession (at the time): DirecTV Rep

Location: So Cal

So I’d just gotten out of school, and still trying to figure out what the hell I was going to use my degree for. Wound up getting a job selling DirecTV (aka the shit sales job). It’s easy, basically, people would call you and ask questions, you’d answer them and proceed to hook them up with the most expensive package known to man. It was commission-based anyway, so besides hooking my friends up with $8.99 single satellite systems,  I’d basically to do my best to make sure you wound up with everything I could sell you. This was particularly easy among females because I have a really deep voice, and when it comes to me eating and you losing money, #1 wins every time.

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